Collection facilities are lacking

Collection facilities are lacking

Collection facilities are lacking 1920 1080 profooditalia

Plastic is recyclable and, in Italy, we are above the European average, recycling 57% of the packaging collected, but we can do more.

The trend is very clear:
✔ + 21.9% in recycled packaging as compared to the previous year
✔ + 3.2% in energy recovery from plastic containers in mixed waste collections.
Excellent work and, a big thank you to the commitment of Corepla (2018 data), but that alone isn’t enough.

Why aren’t we able to do more?
1) Chronic lack of multi-material collection and disposal facilities.
2) Errors in recyclable refuse collection (reaching more than 1.2 million tons in 2018).
3) Design deficiencies in plastic products as a result of not gauging the impact of such products on the environment throughout their entire life cycle.

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