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What does ecodesign mean to us? 1920 1080 profooditalia

What does ecodesign mean to us?

✔Design, keeping the environmental impact in mind ✔Calculate the energy savings provided by the product ✔Calculate the energy consumption produced by the product ✔Take every stage of the life cycle and the possibility of repairing, recycling and upcycling into account…

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Every contribution counts for the environment 1920 1080 profooditalia

Every contribution counts for the environment

Food stored in suitable and technologically advanced containers lasts longer and better maintains its organoleptic qualities, or aroma and flavor. Pro Food Italy promotes quality plastic packaging for fresh foods with the objective of contributing to the reduction of food…

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Results are very important to us 1920 1080 profooditalia

Results are very important to us

Proper environmental protection entails so many different elements, so focusing on any single issue to achieve our objectives is not enough. Pro Food Italy is fully committed, as even the smallest action on the part of companies in the group…

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Collection facilities are lacking 1920 1080 profooditalia

Collection facilities are lacking

Plastic is recyclable and, in Italy, we are above the European average, recycling 57% of the packaging collected, but we can do more. The trend is very clear: ✔ + 21.9% in recycled packaging as compared to the previous year…

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