Our products clearly speak for themselves: certified environmental footprint


Our products love the environment: the war against food waste

About Us

Pro Food Italy was established in 2019 as a part of the Unionplast association of companies that manufacture plastic food and beverage containers and tableware. The vision that unites our companies is a world where it is possible for plastic to work in conjunction with humans and the environment.
Plastic containers are essential to properly store food and beverages longer for safe consumption in any scenario. Italy is a leading European producer of such items, an industry that ensures economic development and employment in our country. And, today, we must also ensure total respect for the environment. This is all possible. We want to take action and inform our community that we are doing just that.

What we do for you

Pro Food Italy is committed to:

  • make plastic packaging for fresh food that is increasingly sustainable
  • communicate clear and impartial data on their specifications
  • collaborate with the other players in the supply chain, including industry organizations and institutions.

For some key products, Pro Food has launched a voluntary footprint certification procedure based on the international ISO 14040 standard and accredited by independent organization Accredia.

The things we care
about most

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The war against food waste

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Some Key Data

20 kg on average

In 2018, the average amount of plastic food and beverage containers collected rose to more than 20 kilograms per capita.

Collection numbers rise

The number of tons collected within the plastic food packaging industry continues to grow. Data from Corepla.

Future recycling

At the European level, the amount of plastic refuse attributed to recycling has doubled from 2006 to today. Data from Conversio Market & Strategy GmbH – © PlasticsEurope

360 billion euros 1920 599 profooditalia

360 billion euros

These were the 2018 revenues in the European plastics industry. An industry that sustains the entire European economy, involving about 60,000 companies and more than 1.6 million employees. © 2019…

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The role of packaging

To address the issue, ALTIS, Pro Food and Feder Distribuzione held the Innovation and Sustainability in Food and Beverage Packaging event in Milan.à-nel-packaging-activity-6599913754727600128-VeOQ/
The role of packaging 1920 599 profooditalia


Collection facilities are lacking

Collection facilities are lacking 1920 1080 profooditalia

Plastic is recyclable and, in Italy, we are above the European average, recycling 57% of the packaging collected, but we can do more. The trend is very clear: ✔ +…

Results are very important to us

Results are very important to us 1920 1080 profooditalia

Proper environmental protection entails so many different elements, so focusing on any single issue to achieve our objectives is not enough. Pro Food Italy is fully committed, as even the…

Every contribution counts for the environment

Every contribution counts for the environment 1920 1080 profooditalia

Food stored in suitable and technologically advanced containers lasts longer and better maintains its organoleptic qualities, or aroma and flavor. Pro Food Italy promotes quality plastic packaging for fresh foods…

What does ecodesign mean to us?

What does ecodesign mean to us? 1920 1080 profooditalia

✔Design, keeping the environmental impact in mind ✔Calculate the energy savings provided by the product ✔Calculate the energy consumption produced by the product ✔Take every stage of the life cycle…

Working as a group

Pro Food Italy brings together manufacturers of plastic containers and tableware for fresh food that are already associated with Unionplast. To date, the association includes 15 companies with a significant number of plants and employees in Italy. As a whole, they represent a sizable portion of exports. And, today, these companies form a united front to improve product sustainability and to inform the public via transparent communication campaigns and factual content.

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